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Brake Services in Columbus, OH

Your Mazada's braking system requires careful maintenance and part replacement to keep operating at peak efficiency. As one of the most important safety systems in your car, it's important you not ignore any issues with your braking or signs there could be problems. The most common brake services include the following. 


Mazda Brake Services

Brake Pad Replacement

Over time the heat, pressure, friction, and impact of sudden stops damage your brake pads material and because of this, they need to be replaced every so often. When driving in the New Albany or Westerville area traffic can get busy as you move more towards Columbus and the last thing you want is your stopping distance to be unpredictable. Signs that you need new brake pads include vibration when stopping, increased stopping distance, strange noises, and dashboard warning lights. In general brake pads last 20,000 to 70,000 miles depending on driving conditions and always use OEM Mazda Parts when getting your pads replaced. Make sure to inspect and replace both front and rear brake pads.

Brake Fluid Exchange

Much like your engine, your brake system requires proper lubrication. Your car's brake fluid applies the pressure needed for the system to work. Over time the fluid itself can become polluted due to contaminants and your local environment. Also, daily driving causes the fluid to break down requiring it be replaced to ensure your brakes continue to work properly. It is recommended that you should have your brake fluids flushed and replaced by a trained Mazda technician every two years or roughly 30,000 miles.

Rotor Resurfacing or Replacement

Your car's rotors wear down over time and can become warped or have uneven spots on their surface. A resurfacing smooths them out restoring functionality and response time. However, even with regular surfacing rotors still need to be replaced when they become too old or damaged to be fixed.

Braking System Inspection

Regular inspections are also highly important as they help detect any potential issues before they become a safety hazard. There is no exact time frame or mileage count for when you should have your brake system inspected. As you have to get your tires rotated every six months that is also a good time to have your brake system inspected for any potential issues or necessary maintenance.

Germain Mazda of Columbus Service Center

There are several independent shops and dealerships to choose from for your brake maintenance and repair needs in Columbus. When picking a shop you want someone who stands by their work and is engaged in the local community. Germain Mazda of Columbus is a family-owned and operated a business with a proud history of helping their customers with all their automotive needs, contact them today to learn more.

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