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Since my purchase five months ago I have driven 10,000 miles. Mazda builds an excellent car but the experience of owning a Mazda needs to match the same attention to detail baked into the vehicle. My 3 is advertised for getting 39 mpg highway. Recently, I had a pleasing 38 mpg on the highway, if my memory is right 444.7 miles on 11.7 gallons of fuel made my day. This would not have been likely if I had not maintained my service appointment for an oil change. The Mazda app and my continued relationship at the dealership made it easy. What I like most about the car's performance this month is that it was up to the task of me being pressed into service with twelve hour days in several cities in Ohio. The car responded superbly on the highway. This experience is the type of performance I need in my line of work. Mind you, I did not hyper mile my way to 38 mpg, I drove this car with a sense of purpose. I like that Mazda service has proven dependable and the sales team continues to follow through, even Bo Stranzin, who didn't sale me anything, but he took the time to answer questions about how to download an update for my nav system. He could have passed the buck. My experience would not be what it is today if professionals like Rusty, Jim, Kyle and Jeremy didn't take the time to consistently explain to me how the electronics work in the car, how to utilize the Mazda app and how to tie in my service schedule so the process remains simple. It also means a lot to me that Jim and Kyle will help me keep my car clean. A clean car is important and necessary because it represents the best of who you intend to be to others. Many times I have looked better because they have taken the time to help me in this area no matter how busy. This speaks volumes in the pride that they take in service to me and presumably others. I am very fortunate to be treated so kindly, many are paid to do so, few live up to this standard. I find the service department seen and unseen, must absolutely believe in this way. What makes this dealership stand out from the folks down the road is this team. I appreciate the team making me feel like family.

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Let’s face it, shopping for a new or used vehicle in Columbus, OH has gotten pretty stale lately with the same old stuffy atmospheres and cheesy sales pitches, hasn’t it? All of us here at Germain Mazda think you deserve a better car shopping experience because it’s not 1992 anymore and times have changed. If you are ready for a modern, fun and relaxing way to shop for your new car, SUV, crossover or van in Columbus, OH we think it’s time you visit our beautiful facility here at Germain Mazda. We are conveniently located at 4330 Morse Rd, Columbus, OH 43230 and offer today’s top amenities when it comes to the car shopping experience.

To get started today, be sure to browse around on our website where we offer a number of great features that allow you to start finding the vehicle of your dreams right in the comfort of your own home or on your smartphone. Browse our New and Used Vehicle Inventory online, schedule a service appointment and so much more. If you at any time have any questions for us feel free to Contact Us Online or give us a call at (855) 615-5306 today.